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DIY Puzzle Kit&Home Décor Vitascope Gift Box

DIY Puzzle Kit&Home Décor Vitascope Gift Box

Recommended for Kids 14 Years+

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1. Not only a model, but also a real film projector
2.Turn off the light, keep the projector to the wall about 11 inches, turn the handle, move to focus and you will see the old stories playing
3.Features a fully functional automated gear system that moves the gears to project the film
4. Evokes a feeling of nostalgia and will be a conversation starter with guests as they are wowed by its intricate design
5. No battery required
6. Comes with 183 laser-cut pieces, including a supply reel, 58 frames film, handle for rotating power, the Maltese cross, a focal distance lens, and an instruction manual

The complexity of this puzzle will keep your kids engaged for hours on end while they stimulate their brain muscles. It is perfect for exercising their hands-on ability, improving concentration and imagination. It will provide the ideal learning opportunity about the history of film. You will also find a Chaplin classic film in black and white to watch on your film projector.

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Product Details

Weight: 0.7 kg
Dimension: 5.1*32*23.5 cm