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Solar System Planetary E-Projector, Astronomy Science Educational Toy

Solar System Planetary E-Projector, Astronomy Science Educational Toy

Recommended for Kids 3 Years +

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ABS, PP, stainless steel

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1. The sun is a projector and there is a mini card, rotate the mini card and add clarity to the images and see them from different angles.
2. Press the middle cylinder to the end. Adjust to no gap, so that the bottom circuit can touch up.
3. Put it in the dark, it can make a solar system on a flat surface, like the wall or ceiling, turning the ceiling into a planetarium to which children aspire.
4. Turn on the switch and touch the eight icons on the base to listen to the introduction of planets, provided with two languages: Chinese and English.

The astronomy educational toy teaches children to understand the wonders of the solar system. It’s a perfect gift for anyone with a dream of a child astronaut, it can project the universe and planets of the solar system onto any surface, which are beautiful graphics that instills the passion for astronomy in kids. Planetarium projector let children understand the position of eight planets in the earth and learn the history of the planet.

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Weight: 0.57 kg
Dimension: 30.6*24.5*11 cm