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174 Pieces Magnetic Tile Sets, Building Blocks

174 Pieces Magnetic Tile Sets, Building Blocks

Recommended for Kids 3 Years+

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Plastic, magnet

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Product Details

1. 174 pieces of building blocks in different colors, shapes, patterns, and designs
2. Endless building possibilities, spark kids’ creativity and bring to life their imagination
3. Numbers, math, letters, and words on blocks to give kids a head start
4. Ideal for preschool, kindergarten, pretend play, group activity, classroom teamwork, etc
5. The magnets are permanently attached to each puzzle piece so you can rest assured the magnets won’t fall out
6. Glue-free bonding and formaldehyde-free

This magnetic puzzle provides tons of fun for your kids. The strong magnetic attraction will be a great starting point for teaching how magnets work. Your child will be exercising their hands-on ability, enhancing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Product Details

Weight: 2.94 kg
Dimension: 11.5*30*41.5 cm