Toy Tester Application


Imooore cares about our product quality as well as our customers’ feedback. You have the opportunity to become one of our toy product testers – Join many other parents and receive goods that you would like to test. We will then send you a selection of products to review as they become available over the coming months.


Terms and Condition:

  1. He/she must complete a product review on within 14 days of receipt of their selected toy. Proper disclosure that this product was received courtesy of Imooore for testing purposes is required within the review.
  2. He/she must submit a minimum of two photos to Imooore featuring the toy within 14 days of receipt of the toy. If the Toy Tester has the following social account(s), he/she must share 1 image or video on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtags #ImoooreKids and #ad.
  3. He/she must complete the Toy Tester Product Survey within 14 days of receiving the toy.
  4. He/she agrees to grant Imooore a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use any photos or videos created by Participant as part of the Program.



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