Wooden Toys with Moving Parts

Wooden Toys with Moving Parts

For many years, parents have favoured wooden toys over other materials. There are many reasons for this. Namely, wooden toys are known to be safe for young children that tend to put toys in their mouths. 



What’s more, wooden toys can even be good for the environment.


Now, you can get your hands on some amazing wooden toys for your child. In particular, there are ones with moving parts that can be more interesting. So, let’s take a look at some of the best wooden toys with moving parts.


Wooden Animal Rattle Toy


Babies love to explore new sounds and get their hand on things. Well, why not make it fun with a Wooden Animal Rattle Toy? You can choose from four adorable animals, which includes a fox, hippo, monkey and giraffe. They are all made from quality wood that is safe for children. It is designed with small fingers in mind and it will make a great teething toy. What’s more, it has moving parts that make it a rattle. This is going to allow your infant to explore sound, as well as stimulate the imagination.


Wooden Vehicle Assembly Cars


Cars are always a hit with children. With the Wooden Vehicle Assembly Cars, your child can learn and have fun at the same time. They are able to build the car themselves, whether it is a truck, police car or bus. They are going to love doing this and it can help them build confidence. What’s more, once the car is built, they can play with it for as long as they like. They can use their imagination to make up stories and scenarios. The wooden construction makes them sturdy and long-lasting toys.


Wooden Bead Roller Coasters


Another great toy is the Wooden Bead Roller Coaster. This is going to fascinate your child for hours, as they can move the beats around like a roller coaster. The colours help to hold their attention and they love the different shapes. It is made from wood for durability and quality. Some of the skills your child can work on include hand-eye coordination, using muscles and their balance ability. This is going to be a good toy for children 12 months and older. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure that you check it out.


Enlightenment Wooden Push and Crawl Toy


Sometimes, children need a bit of encouragement when it comes to moving around. Well, this is where the Enlightenment Wooden Push and Crawl Toy comes in. This is a toy that they are going to find fun to drag around the house. It is made from quality wood, which is polished and smooth so that it is safe to play with. It has been designed for small fingers and it can also make a good teething toy for infants. This is exactly what you need for your child if they are learning to move around on their own.

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