What is Role does Sound Play in Little One's Development?

As an indispensable element in nature, sound plays a pivotal role in the development of society and people.Through sound, we know what is about to happen in nature, such as "boom boom" convey us it will rain,"Rustle Rustle"tell us there is something in the jungle or there is a big wind now. In society, sound deliver us messages, through a song, we will know the feeling of the composer or your happy feelings when you listening to the song. that is the magic charm of the sound. it is reported that 0-3 years is the best ages to develop five senses feelings.Through the subtle influence of the environment, children can unconsciously master these auditory and visual abilities.Sound ignites all areas of child development and cognitive skills, promoting dexterity and hand-eye coordination; it is also great for teaching cause and effect.

music set

But how to build such an environment during this special period in family? Of course by toys. But what toys should choose for baby sensory development? That is rattle & music sets. Rattle provides the natural sound, while music sets give the feelings of the art society.


Here are some of the major benefits of sound toys on a child’s development:

music sets

1. Social development and interaction

Music will help your child tune into their emotions, as they become aware of sounds that make them happy or sad. At first a loud whistle may scare them at first, but then as they listen a second, third or fourth time with your encouragement, they will laugh and enjoy creating the sound. Musical toys help you give your child a foundation for social skills and an awareness and introduction to loud noises.  By conveying those emotions through play and combining it with fun parent interaction, infants can become familiar with these feelings early on and kick-start their own emotional awareness for social development and empathising with other people.

2. Motor skills

Infants can develop their motor skills by playing an instrument like the tambourine. Having your baby grasp and hold the wooden mallet, using it to hit the xylophone keys to create different sounds and at different levels, dependant on the strength used to hit the desired note.  As your baby catches onto the motor skills required, he/she will then practise, refining their movements to make a desired sound. All the time, enjoying the interactive toy and completely unaware of the valuable life skills that they are leaning.

music instrument for kids

3. Sensory/emotional enhancement

The mix of sensory awareness and motor control is crucial for a baby’s overall development and the differences in sounds related to the desired strength of movements is important for playing instruments and even learning to talk and sing. It is also important to be aware that a baby who has been brought up with music and fun playtime with noisy instruments like drums are less likely to find the world a scary place. For example, if your child was at a party and the balloons were popping, a child who had been introduced to fun musical loud sounds wouldn’t be alarmed or feel the need to make a startled cry, as their sensory skills are already enhanced and aware of sounds.


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