Toys That Provide an Exciting Outdoor Adventure

Toys That Provide an Exciting Outdoor Adventure

Do you hate children being inside all day and stuck on their computers? There is no doubt that a lot of young kids are fascinated by smartphones, tablets and other technology. 

Here is why.


The Benefits of Getting Outdoors


There are so many advantages to outdoor play that you want your children to take advantage of. For instance, the big benefit is improving your child’s motor skills. Those kids that play outside from an early age are going to be walking and running around more. They are also going to work on their catching and throwing, developing motor skills that can be limited indoors. It also helps children feel confident with these movements, as well as strengthening the body.


There are also a lot of social benefits that come from outdoor play. Namely, being outside can allow a child to relax and feel more open. Often, being indoors for kids can be competitive, such as being in school. Typically, smaller spaces can mean your child is quieter and they might suffer socially later on due to this. But allowing children outside to play is said to be a good way to promote openness and allow them to feel less competitive. Children have a lot more space to breathe.


Let’s not forget about the fact that outdoor play can help child development and their appreciation for the outdoors and nature. Being stuck behind a screen all day means they are not exploring the wonders of outside. Your child is much more likely to experience interaction with animals and plants this way. Even appreciating a sunset and learning about all of the colors.


Of course, it can be difficult to get outside every day during the colder and wetter seasons of the year. But, cool toys like the Multifunctional Breathable Observation Barrel can be good for rainy days. This allows your child to learn about the micro world and what exists on our planet.




If your child loves plants, there are also other toys they are going to like and that can help with learning. This includes the Balancing Cactus Toy. This is a colorful wooden version of this popular plant and children can work on motor skills and appreciate this living thing. For children that have a fascination for animals, we recommend the Montessori Animal Building Blocks Puzzle. The puzzle can keep your child entertained for hours and allow them to explore their imagination when they have to stay indoors.

We also have all range of family game could be played indoor or outdoor: Wooden Bowling Family Game Boxset and Soccer Family Game Boxset.
If your child is a little older and wants to play outside, we have the perfect toy for them. You should head over to our sister company called idocyke. Here, you can buy a kit that allows you and your child to build a toy together. This includes anything from a scooter and trike to go-kart or bike. Then, your child can go out and ride on it all summer long. 🌞


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