Toys for Animal Lovers

Toys for Animal Lovers

We are always excited to introduce new toys that we know are going to be educational and fun for children. So, we wanted to let you all know about the new Animal Collection we have, starring everything from dinosaur eggs and fossils to jungle animals to under the sea mammals.


Let’s take a closer look at our Animal Collection and how your child can benefit from them in the short and long term.


Why are Animal Toys Good for Kids?


First of all, you may be wondering whether there are benefits to animal toys for children. The answer is yes, there are a lot of great things about playing with these cute and colorful toys from an early age whether you are a girl or boy.


Work on Language Skills


Animals may not speak English or anything other languages, but playing with these types of toys can be highly beneficial for kids working on their language skills. They can play with figurines and use them for roleplaying when they are with their friends. This allows children to interact and work on their interactions with others. There is a lot of research to suggest that symbolic play is linked to language learning.


Using the Imagination


Animal toys are not just about keeping your child amused during the day. But, playing with figurines and other similar toys are good for allowing your child to explore their imagination and for being creative. They can create their own stories and scenarios with their toys, which is great for problem-solving and creative thinking in the future. What’s more, playing with dinosaur toys means your child thinking about history and creating their own.


Appreciation for the Animal Kingdom


From an early age, it is important for children to learn to respect animals and learn about the animal kingdom. Indeed, animal toys are a great way to do this. They can play with the figurines and learn about them so that in the future, they want to be around animals. It can stop fears from developing too since they are introduced to different types of animals. It can even encourage empathy.


iMooore Animal Collection


Now, let’s quickly introduce some of our new Animal Collection so that you can go check them out for yourself. For instance, we love the Dinosaur Crystal Growing Kit. Your child can have fun hatching their own dinosaur eggs and playing with them in different scenarios. They are colorful and teach your child about chemistry too.


Then we have the Magnetic Assembly Parent Forest Animals. Your child can get their hands on these wonderful animals of the jungle and this can spark their imagination. They can learn all about them and have fun with their friends at the same time. They are designed ABS materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. Children can learn more about how magnets work and they can take the animals apart and learn more about their makeup. There are even adorable Magnetic Assembly Baby Forest Animals!


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