The Toys to Buy at Every Age

The Toys to Buy at Every Age

If there is one thing that all children love, it's toys! While they are a lot of fun for kids and they can keep them occupied, they are more than just simple toys. We know that giving your children access to different toys is a healthy way for them to develop their motor skills, engage the senses and help cognitive development.


Additionally, we know that toys have an age recommendation. This is not just for safety. It is also to help your child with their developmental milestones. So, let’s take a look at toys you can buy for every age.


0 – 18 Months Old


When your child is under 18 months old, they are going to be curious and imitate actions around them. This is also a great age to start playing with simple toys so that they can begin touching different materials and working on movements. For instance, our Pull-Along Fox are a good way to encourage play, the imagination and start moving. We also like the Baby Musical Instrument Lion Xylophone. Your child will like to create sound and explore the noises they can create. This can spark curiosity and be fun for your child.


18 to 36 Months Old


Your child is officially a toddler when they are between 18 and 36 months old. They will be moving around a lot more and beginning to work on their social skills. Your child will also start to get creative and this is a great time to introduce new toys. For example, we recommend the Montessori Educational Wooden Alphabet Letters Puzzle. This is colourful and enticing, allowing your child to learn more about letters and work on hand-eye coordination.


3- 5 Years Old


Children that are between 3 and 5 years old start to gain some independence. In other words, they want to play with other children, run around and they have a better cognitive understanding. This means some toys are going to be more beneficial than others for their educational development. Take a look at the Big-Particle Building Blocks Kit. Your child can enjoy trying to build this toy, as well as you offering advice and guidance. They can work on their problem-solving skills and at the end, they can be rewarded with a toy. In particular, they are going to love the ride-on car.


5 + Years old


When your child is 5 years old and above, they can take on more challenges. This can allow them to problem solve and be creative. For example, we love the Height-Adjustable Double-Sided Art Easel. This is going to allow your child to use their imagination and create drawings and colour. There is chalk included and it is easy to erase. What’s more, since this art easel is double-sided, it means they can keep their creations and work on them later or draw with a friend. The height can easily be adjusted so that this toy can last many years as your child gets older.


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