The Toys That Help Early Child Development and Why

The Toys That Help Early Child Development and Why


The early years for your child are very important and what they learn during this time is going to help them throughout their life. One of the best ways to help with early child development is by choosing the right toys for them. This way, they can have fun and learn at the same time. We have a lot of fantastic toys for children here at imooore. But here are four of our favourites.


Montessori Wooden Whack-A-Mole Game Toy


Let’s start with this fun toy for children 8 months and older. It is a simpler version of whack-a-mole for kids, and it is scientifically designed to help your child with their ability to grab. They can hold the hammer and use it to hit the pegs. It is a good way to spark your child’s curiosity, as well as the colours capturing their attention and encouraging the imagination. What we like too is that the exercise of pounding the pegs creates sounds for your child too.


Three-Section Pull Train


Next, we have this simple yet educational pull train. Your young baby can work on grabbing items and improve their dexterity, being a fun toy that is going to improve a child’s fine motor skills. Not only can this toy help hand-eye coordination, but it is also colourful and has images to spark their imagination. Children that are aged between 1 and 4 years old are going to like separating the blocks and train carriages. This can help to improve their concentration and patience too.


Three-Section Pull Train


Baby Musical Instrument Musical-Sets

Do you think your child will enjoy a musical toy? Then we recommend taking a look at this musical-sets. This is a fun toy that is going to help your little one improve his or her musical skills and creativity. They can make up their own tunes and explore the different sounds. Your child can also work on their grabbing and fine motor skills since they will have to hold the sticks and hit the keys on the xylophone. Each key has a different colour too that is created from non-toxic paint. This is a good way to attract concentration and allow your child to work on their colour recognition. This toy is suitable for children over 12 months.


Wooden Animal Rattle Toy


We are all familiar with a rattle and this is a toy that has been around and used for many years. You probably had one as a child too. The reason for this is simple; there are a lot of rattles out there that are great for early child development. In particular, we like this wooden animal rattle since it can help babies and infants. For example, it is good for teething and it is designed to suit small fingers. It is also good for your child learning how to grasp and hold items, with them learning and practicing how to use their muscles. What’s more, the adorable animal design is good for the imagination and for learning about things in the world around them.




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